Need more convincing before you adopt?

In case we haven’t provided sufficient evidence to convince you that adopting a greyhound is the best thing you can do, we offer more adopters comments on why their pets are the coolest ones out there.

Paula Pilgrim: They don’t bark much and are well-mannered. Ooh! The ears! Their ears have multiple positions!

Rachel Hogue: They go with the flow!

Cynde Vaughn: They are the sweetest most loving dogs EVER!

Carrie Mills Sealey: You just have a special connection with them. You can’t really describe it, but those eyes just tell it all.

Hilda Forister-Taylor: With each one, you feel like they’ve been a part of your life forever. They flow right into your life and routine. They love you unconditionally.

Judi Fischer: They fill my life with love, laughter, and keep me young and alive by getting me up and looking forward to each day.

Rachel Bowman: They are sweet, cuddly, loyal, well-behaved, and calm. I have met more friends because of them than any other dog I’ve ever had!