Join Us at Bark in the Park April 12!

The poster says it all. MSGAO hopes to see you and your pooch at this great event that supports the efforts of MSGAO to rehome retired racing greyhounds! Click on the image for a larger view!


Bark a bit later this year

Bark in the Park is April 12 at the Levitt Shell at Overton Park in Memphis! This year the event will move a bit later in the day, being held from 2 to 5 p.m. Headlining the event is The Stunning Cunning Band. The Stunning Cunning Band is dedicated to bringing Rockabilly to a new generation. They play a mix of Rockabilly, Early Rock, R&B, Traditional Country and Blues that has a groove that’ll make you move.

The band performs with great vitality and is fronted by the charismatic Brandon Cunning on lead vocals and guitar. Brandon is an energetic showman whose acrobatic stage moves and musical skills reflect the influence of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly and Brian Setzer. Steve Clark on stand up bass and Brian Stuhr on guitar make up the driving rhythm section. Learn more about the band here:

The Stunning Cunning Band will rock Bark in the Park.

The Stunning Cunning Band will rock Bark in the Park.

Food, vendors and fun also will be part of the event. We hope to see you there!

Volunteers Cynde and Marsha at the 2013 Bark in the Park

Volunteers Cynde and Marsha at the 2013 Bark in the Park

MSGAO Supports GPA Nashville Winter Gathering

MSGAO representatives Vicki and Paul Cohen were among several volunteers who helped raise $300 for GPA Nashville by giving mani-pedis at the Winter Gathering in Murfreesboro, Tenn., on Feb. 16. Click on the image below to learn more. MSGAO was presented a $500 Costco gift card by GPA Nashville. MSGAO supplies hounds for adoption to the all-volunteer Nashville organization.

GPA Nashville 2014

Changes to Adoption Fees Coming March 1

To cover rising costs, some changes are being made to the MSGAO adoption fee structure. A01_greyhound

As of March 1, 2014, a $50 deposit will be required to process an adoption application. When you complete the online adoption application, please immediately mail your deposit to MSGAO at P.O. Box 2088, 1550 N. Ingram Blvd., West Memphis, Arkansas 72301. Receipt of the deposit will trigger the reference checks that are performed to approve potential adopters. Deposits also are accepted via PayPal.

The deposit will be applied to the $275 adoption fee (also rising beginning March 1, 2014), which is non-refundable. The $275 adoption fee covers a neuter or spay, a blood panel, tick panel, heartworm test, and a full dental. In addition, your new greyhound will be up to date on all vaccinations for a year. Greyhounds from MSGAO have been on monthly heartworm preventive and are free of fleas and ticks. With every adoption, we will provide a free 1″ black martingale collar.

Adopters whose applications were approved before March 1, 2014, will still pay the $250 adoption fee that was in force at the time their applications were filed. People who have previously adopted greyhounds do not have to file new applications.

The costs associated with the veterinary services provided to prepare the greyhounds for adoption have been rising since the $250 fee was instituted about nine years ago, hence the price increase.

Greyhound Magic!

Greyhounds are very special pets. In fact, they quickly become members of the family. If you don’t believe us, read the words of recent adopter Caleb on his experience welcoming Magic Obama into his life.

“I really, honestly did not believe you all. I wanted to, but there was no way that greyhounds are as loving and special as you all said they were. I knew he was going to be a good dog when he laid down 5 minutes into the ride. On the drive back, we stopped for a very, very brief visit at my grandparents. After finding out my grandfather used to have a greyhound, we brought this dog in their house and he was so well behaved.

Magic Obama has totally charmed his adopter!

Magic Obama has totally charmed his adopter!

“I’ve learned to look forward to the leaning hug, the one-legged shakes, and the ‘always at your side’ magnetism.

“There are very few things that can put as big a smile on my face as when he lays his head on whatever part of my body he can reach. I didn’t know a dog could make me laugh so hard watching him learn new things. I didn’t know a dog could be so much fun to dress up. I didn’t know how eager he would be to learn about us and eager to please us. I didn’t believe you when you said that this breed was THIS special. I believe you now.”
– Shared on MSGAO’s Facebook Page

Pet Photographer Donates to MSGAO

We’re putting in an official MSGAO plug for Memphis Mutts Pet Photography by Erica Abernathy, who donates 10% of purchases to the clients’ choice of rescue or shelter.

She asks anyone who hires her to choose MSGAO as the shelter of their choice. Check her out! Email or phone (90) 337-4733. View her work at: “When pet photography meets reality.”

Greyhound photo by Erica Abernathy (used without permission, but we hope she doesn't mind)

Greyhound photo by Erica Abernathy (used without permission, but we hope she doesn’t mind)

Greys and Kids?

Have you been wanting a greyhound but are worried about how the dog will do with children? Here’s what our adopters have to say on this topic.

Elmo watches over his new family member, Tripp.

Elmo watches over his new family member, Tripp.

Courtney Miller Santo: I can’t speak for everyone, but we have children 10 and 8 and the grey was the perfect choice for us. We did it at Christmas last year and our boy adapted easily to the family.

Glenna Bradshaw: Our greys have always been very loving toward kids. I could not have them if they weren’t because I don’t want anything around my grand kids that I have to worry about.

Tim Graham: I can tell you with 100% certainty that a greyhound makes the PERFECT family pet. Our kids are a little older now, but they weren’t when we adopted the first time. They aren’t all small-kid friendly, or cat friendly, or small-dog safe;, but whatever the criteria your family meets, there will always be a greyhound that’s a perfect fit. Take the family, spend some time at the kennel, and your perfect grey will find you. We’ve all done it, most of us multiple times, and I don’t think you’ll find a greyhound owner here or anywhere in the world that would ever tell you anything different. Most of us can’t imagine sharing our home with anything but a greyhound.

Christina Murray Wiley: I have a 9-year-old grey and he has always been the most gentle to kids, letting them tug and pull and never losing his gentleness. We got him after much research because we wanted a dog that would transition well as our family grows. I have my first baby on the way next month and have no worries about Eames with our new addition!

Carrie Mills Sealey: Ours are amazing with all our nephews and are protective of newborn son. They really are amazing.

Gracie is gracious to neighborhood kids, who clearly adore her.

Gracie is gracious to neighborhood kids, who clearly adore her.

Brent David: Zack had to pass the grandkid test when we got him. Passed with flying colors! My grandkids when smaller used to get into the crate with him. When he had enough he’d kiss them with his very wet nose and tongue or he’d leave them to it and go sleep on the couch.

Brandi Bennett Mulvihill: We adopted Molly from MSGAO when my oldest son was 2. She was very tolerant of his toddler antics. When son #2 came along she spent a lot of time near his crib. As they grew Molly became their favorite playmate, often racing around the back yard together.

MSGAO pretests the adoptable dogs for their ability to get along with small children, cats and small dogs. If your home includes any of those human and furry family members, the staff will steer you away from any dog that failed those tests. We want adoptions to be a greyt success!

Holiday Events Make Christmas Merry and Bright

Click on the images below to see pictures of holiday events MSGAO attended (Walkin’ and Woofin’ at Orion Starry Nights at Shelby Farms) and conducted (a supply drive/ornament-making event at Seize the Clay on Poplar). Good times with greyt friends!

The Supply Drive raised $1,010 for the dogs awaiting forever homes! In addition, the event brought in: three large boxes of Milk Bones, a 12-pack of toilet paper, 14 rolls of paper towels, three boxes of tissues, two bottles of dish soap, one bag of dog food, two dog blankets, three leashes, three stuffies, one yogurt maker, one large blanket, garbage bags, dental sticks, three toys, eight bath towels, seven bottles of bleach, one bottle of fish oil capsules, one large pack of sponges and one large bottle of Simple Green. Way to support MSGAO!

walk woof 2013

clay 2013

Happy Holidays from MSGAO!

Xmas greyWe kennel hounds depend on you
To make our Christmas merry.
Any donation large or small
Makes you our Christmas fairy.
It’s hard for us to sit and beg
It’s an anatomy thing, you see.
But you know we will be joyful
With your gift under our tree.

Please consider a donation to Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option this holiday season. Please make checks payable to Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option. MSGAO is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations made to MSGAO are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanaukkah! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale! Feliz Navidad!
And a Happy Howl-idays to all our fast friends and their loving families!

Holiday Fund-Raiser to Benefit MSGAO

Join Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option for a fun holiday fund-raiser!

ALL BREEDS WELCOME — Door prizes will be awarded!

Bring an item on the MSGAO wish list for admittance to the event. Donate a bag of Costco Kirkland CHICKEN, RICE, & VEGETABLE dog food and receive a $25 gift certificate for Seize the Clay to be used after Jan. 1, 2014.

The MSGAO table will have greyhound ornaments to paint for $10. Different styles will be available. Finger foods, desserts, beverages will be served.

For $15, you can purchase a painted greyhound ornament, hand-crafted by our very own Adam Loeffel, owner of Seize the Clay. They are ready to hang on the tree or to give as a gift.

We will have handmade unique greyhound coffee mugs made by Seize the Clay’s “Mad Potter” Kerry Meyers. These coffee cups are pre-glazed and ready to use. They’re a bargain at $25.

If you missed them at the reunion, 2014 calendars, a few T-shirts and assorted items will be available.

All proceeds will directly benefit MSGAO.

Adam also will have ornaments or plates upon which you can capture your pet’s paw prints for posterity. The plates range from $8 to $15. Seize the Clay has a large selection of items to paint and prices start at $8. So if it is a plate, frame, or mug, there’s something for everyone.