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MSGAO Represents at the Youth Villages Race

MSGAO has been participating in the 5/10K Race to benefit Youth Villages for many years.  Our dogs stole the show again on April 18, the latest edition of the race.  Click on the image below for a larger view of scenes from the event. Youth Villages is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully.MSGAO at the Youth Villages 5K

Canine Influenza Outbreak Affects MSGAO

In response to the outbreak of canine influenza in the Midwest, Southland Park Gaming and Racing and the State Veterinarian are requiring all dogs that come onto the Southland compound to be vaccinated against this highly contagious disease.

All greyhounds available for adoption have received this vaccination.  All greyhounds coming to board will need the vaccination.  Because of the short notice of this requirement, MSGAO will arrange for incoming boarding dogs to be vaccinated and add the cost to the bill.

These steps are being taken to protect our beloved greyhounds.  Adopters are urged to be cautious at dog parks and even Meet and Greets since these venues provide potential avenues for exposure to this virus.  Early symptoms are high fevers in the 105- to 106-degree range.  Greyhounds do NOT tolerate high fever, so this is a real concern.

More information on the disease is available at this link:

The implications of this outbreak on the dog wash scheduled April 26 are unknown at this time.  Updates will be posted as they become available.  We recommend checking with your veterinarian to get your dog vaccinated as soon as possible.

Busy Spring Ahead for MSGAO!

Spring is in full swing, with a host of events in which MSGAO will be participating.

In addition to our regularly scheduled Meet and Greet events (see the sidebar at right), MSGAO will be showing off our dogs both on the racecourse and our booth at the Youth Villages 5K in Memphis on April 18.  Volunteers are needed to staff the booth.

Learn more about the event at this link:

April 26 is the fabulous Dog Wash, where greyhounds can have a spa day (baths, shaving and more) while human enjoy some food and auctions/shopping. This is a major fund-raising event for MSGAO as well as an opportunity to get your greyhound ready for the summer heat.  Details will be announced closer to the event.

We also we will showcase our hounds on May 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Dog A Roo Festival at Shelby Farms in Memphis.  Find out more about this event at this link:

Residents of Jonesboro, Arkansas, will be treated to a special meet and greet event May 23 at the Jonesboro Farmers Market.  Stay tuned for details.

On May 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., MSGAO will be participating in an Arkansas Tourism Week event at the Blytheville Welcome Center in Arkansas.

Finally, on June 6 MSGAO will participate in Paws For A Cause at Saddle Creek Shops in Germantown, Tennessee, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Volunteers will be needed to staff the booth in shifts.  A wading pool will be set up for our greyhounds’ comfort.

If you and your hound can volunteer at any of these events, please contact Cynde at

April Is National Greyhound Adoption Month!

So celebrate by adopting one or two or more of your very own. Cal explains why you should open your home and heart to a retired racer!

We asked MSGAO adopters why they selected greyhounds as their companions. Here are their stories.

Ron: Sixteen years ago I had just lost my beloved Heidi, a beautiful German Shepherd with whom I had shared my life for 14 years. Through some happenstance I ran into Claudia Presto and the Greyhound Gang on the internet and was intrigued by these magnificent ex-athletes. After continued research I found MSGAO, submitted my application, and adopted Zac, the original Greyhound of Excellence. What a wonderful life we had together until I lost him to cancer. But my sweet Favor, who is also a Greyhound of Excellence, was waiting for me and life is good….for me and for him.

Diane: I was working for a pet store and MSGAO would come out and do meet and greets. I feel in love with their demeanor, sleek body, their eyes and ears. I was determined to have a greyhound, at that point I thought I had a choice. Nope, not at all! With some begging to my other half, to the kennel we go. I was chosen by a beautiful red brindle girl. That’s right, chosen! I am in love with the breed and will never have another breed. I am proud to be called a crazy Greyhound mom!!!

Jessie: Who gets to “decide” if they adopt? It is more like Jedi mind trickery. The kennel should have warning signs. We visited, we looked into…those eyes…we brought one home. One, of course, is never enough — they cannot be alone while we are away at work — along came our second. When it was time to send one to the bridge, we wanted another to make that transition a little more bearable … and so it goes. Now not a purchase is made without incorporating their needs, wants, desires, likes or dislikes, which is fine by me. I am a proud member of this cult – and happy to forever be…”those greyhound people.”

Happy hounds find new homes

Click on the image below for a larger view of the happy hounds who have found new homes in 2015.
Adoptions March 2015

Slip-Sliding Grey? We have a crafty solution

Creative Renee Dingler crafted these ice boots from vet wrap and says it works great in slippery yards. She put socks on first and taped them at the top, then added vet wrap at the bottom. The vet wrap is available at Tractor Supply.

Home-made ice boots!

Home-made ice boots!

Greyhounds Celebrate Opening of Sammy Hagar’s Bar at Southland

Sammy Hagar gets some greyhound love from Conrad (red silk) and Crabby at the grand opening of Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Bar & Grill, a 150-seat restaurant and sports bar at Southland Park Gaming and Racing!

He’s shown signing silks that you can bet will be up for auction at the annual MSGAO reunion!

Click on the image for a larger view. And check out Sammy’s place at Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Bar & Grill.

Sammy and Dogs

Donation from Southland!

Southland Park Gaming and Racing’s President and General Manager Troy Keeping presents a large check — size-wise and dollar-wise — to Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option Executive Director Vicki Cohen. Ruckus (Boc’s Ruckus Boy) is wondering how many Milk Bones $10,000 will buy! Thank you Troy and Southland, home to the world’s fastest racing greyhounds!
photo (6)

Rest in Peace, Dusty

With great sadness we must inform you that Dusty (Sam Gash) passed away today after suffering a series of seizures that did irreparable damage. Our thoughts are with his family — Lindsay, Doug and Brantley — who opened their home and hearts to him with the full knowledge of his medical issues.

Dusty began his career at Wheeling Downs and shortly thereafter came to Southland, running more than 80 races and earning A and AA ratings with 13 wins, nine second-place and 12 third-place showings.

We extend sincere condolences to his adopters as well as Gail, who fostered the sweet blue fawn over the holidays and championed his adoptability. R.I.P. Dusty.



MSGAO Adds New Manager

We are pleased to announce that Patty Burrell has joined MSGAO in a newly created adoption manager’s position. Patty came highly recommended to

Patty Burrell Joins MSGAO as Manager.

Patty Burrell Joins MSGAO as Manager.

us by West Memphis Animal Shelter, where she has been a long-time volunteer.

Patty is fitting in very well here at MSGAO. Patty moved to Memphis from Seattle, Wash., in 2001. She recently retired from Macy’s, where she was employed more than 25 years. The new position with MSGAO combines her management and animal care experience. As Patty says, “Animals are my passion!”

Please join us in welcoming Patty to the MSGAO Team! That’s Ama with her in the picture.

Patty will be your point of contact at the kennel when Executive Director Vicki Cohen takes a well-deserved, two-month leave of absence beginning Feb. 1. As of February, if you have questions about greyhound care or
adoption, please call Patty directly at the MSGAO phone number:
(870­) 735­-7317 or email her at