Walking for a Good Cause

Greyhounds helped raise funds for Youth Villages by participating in a 5K in 2012.

Greyhounds and their human friends are again approved to walk in the annual Youth Villages 5K (YV5K), and for the first time MSGAO will also set up a Meet & Greet booth at this major fund-raising event for the private non-profit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully.

The event will occur April 20 at 1000 Ridgeway Loop, Memphis, TN. Race time is 9 a.m. on the dot. Last year’s 5K had more than 2,000 participants, so you will need to give yourself time to find a parking spot, pick up your YV5K T-shirt, and locate the MSGAO booth (that’s where we’ll meet). There will be a band and lots of post-race food, usually hot dogs, chips, ice cream, chocolate milk, and water.

Our team name is “Greyhounds for Youth.” I’m having team T-shirts made this year. They’re still in the design process, but I think everyone will like them. I’m excited. The MSGAO logo will be on the front. A greyhound running with a kite (similar to YV’s logo) and a boy attempting to chase the greyhound will be on the back. These shirts will be pre-ordered because the kennel isn’t paying for them. The shirts will be available at cost to those who walk in the 5K. If anyone wants to buy a shirt but not participate in the 5K, part of the proceeds will go to the kennel and part will go to YV. As soon as I know the cost of the shirts, I’ll let you all know.

For liability reasons our dogs must remain at the back of the group. Please remember poop etiquette.

A 5K is the equivalent of 3.1 miles. To prepare your dog: walk at least for days per week and add ½ mile each week to gradually build up endurance. I’d rather err on the side of caution than to push the dog too hard. The greyhounds seem to know that the 5K is a competition. Therefore, they want to walk faster than usual. If the weather is warmer next month, you might want to bring water for your dog during walks.

 To register:

  • Go to www.youthvillages.org.
  • Click “Events” on right side of screen.
  • Click “Memphis/Mid-South” tab.
  • You will see “YV5K & 10 miler.”
  • Click “Learn more.”
  • Click “Teams” at the bottom of page.
  • Click” I would like to join an existing team.”
  • Now you will see a section that says, “Team company.”
  • Scroll to Greyhounds for Youth and select. There will be a “join” red link to the right.
  • Choose YV5KWalker$20.

I would like to have a team of at least five people. More would be even better. We had a good time last year. Your donation and/or time will go to a good cause and will not be wasted. Sylvie and the kids appreciate it.

— Paula Pilgrim